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oasis poker
Want to play Oasis Poker? Learn the rules here.

To Oasis Poker

Oasis Poker, from the game developer Net Entertainment is a game that is very similar to Caribbean Stud Poker, but with a certain twist of the rules. You will find it at a number of different casinos, such as PAF, Unibet, Casumo and Betsafe.

What are the rules?

Usually when playing poker, you play against other players, in Oasis Poker you play against the house instead. To win, you must have a better hand than the house, and your hands count in the same way as at any ordinary poker. Before the game starts, you place your ante, its starting bet. After the bets are made, the dealer receives five cards, one of which has the front face up, and the player receives five cards, all face down. When you get your cards you have to turn around and see what you have on hand. If there are several players around the table, it is forbidden to in any way notify the other players which cards they have on hand, in order to try to gain an advantage over the dealer. You always play only against the dealer, even if there are other players at the same round.
When you have seen your hand, it is time to decide whether you want to fold, call the dealer’s hand, or if you want to get a chance to replace one or some of their cards. If you want to fold, nothing happens and you lose your ante. If you want to call, it costs twice the antenna, and then the dealer turns up his cards, so you see who won. However, if you want to replace one or more of the cards you have got on hand (this one has to do once), this is allowed, but at a cost. This cost varies depending on how many cards you want to replace, and the variable looks like if you want to replace a card it costs one times the antenna, if you want to replace two cards it costs twice the antenna. Three cards cost three times the antenna, four cards cost twice the antenna and all five cards cost one times the antenna.
The amount you pay to replace your cards is added to the bet, thereby increasing the amount of the winnings if you win. When you get your new cards, you have to decide whether you want to fold, or if you want to call the dealer card. If you choose to fold, you lose the effort you have done so far and then nothing happens. If you choose to call, it will cost twice the antenna, and after you have made your bet, the dealer turns on his cards to see who has won.


As previously mentioned, Oasis Poker is provided by the well-known gaming provider Net Entertainment. They are not newcomers in the industry, and as usual, it is also noticed in this game. The graphics are well-made and appealing to the eye and the layout is neat and stylish. The game’s jackpot is progressive, that is, it increases as people play. The game is perhaps most appealing to those who do not want to bet too large sums, as the maximum bet is $ 40, or the equivalent in Swedish currency.


Oasis Poker from Net Entertainment is a well-made game, both in terms of graphics and in terms of its content. The rules are relatively simple and can quickly get acquainted with, as it does not differ greatly from other poker games, given the value of the hands. One cool detail is that instead of meeting other players, only the house meets, even if several players can play simultaneously, at the same table. A bit like Black Jack, though not at all. The stakes are quite large, which means that you can hold on for a long time, and the game can be found at several of the casinos that provide games by Net Entertainment.



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